When is the Best Time for Helicopter Tours in Hawaii?

When is the Best Time for Helicopter Tours in Hawaii?

Best Time for Helicopter Tours in Hawaii

Want to soak up awe-inspiring views of lush forests, magnificent waterfalls, volcanoes, and stunning beaches? Knowing the best time for helicopter tours in Hawaii is essential to making the most of this incredible experience.

A helicopter tour is a must if you want to truly appreciate the diverse natural beauty and discover hidden gems on the islands. So when is the best time for helicopter tours in Hawaii?

Go Early in the Morning

The popular choice is to go early in the morning, and for good reason. The light is often better (think beautiful photos and golden light) and the weather is calm, setting you up for a smoother flight. You want clear skies for those amazing views and Instagram-worthy photos.

Later in the day, it’s more likely there will be clouds or rain, and pilots won’t fly in bad weather. Booking an early tour can help avoid overcast weather that can obscure the views. It will also give you more flexibility in case of rescheduling.

Some Seasons Are Better Than Others

No matter what season you visit in, Hawaii has warm weather throughout the year. The important factors that affect helicopter tours are wind and rain. Winter usually has more wind and rain, though summer can be a little rainier in Hilo. Hurricane season is from June to November, which is also the wettest month and not ideal for tours.

In general, spring and fall (April, May, September, and December) have consistently good weather. This also coincides with the low season, which can be a great time to enjoy the calm weather and less crowded beaches and tours.

Schedule It Early in the Trip Itinerary

The weather is always a little unpredictable, and you cannot guarantee the conditions until the actual day. Strong wind and rain can make flights unsafe, and fog or cloudy conditions obscure the scenery. A turbulent ride or lack of views due to inclement weather can ruin a tour and be cause to cancel the whole flight.

Scheduling your helicopter tour early in your trip is a good idea, so that even if the weather is not favorable, you can easily reschedule. The last thing you want is to miss out on the experience due to bad weather. 

Use the Tour to Guide the Rest of Your Trip

A full island tour is the perfect way to start your holiday and discover the island from the air. You can explore all the incredible landscapes from rain forests to deserts. Get a birds-eye view of all five volcanoes and the chance to watch Kilauea erupting. While flying over the famous Kona Coffee Belt and spectacular valleys and waterfalls of the Kohala mountains, you can take in breathtaking views of the island’s diverse natural beauty.

With an overview of the entire island, it’s a great opportunity to get inspired! Discover where to explore more during the rest of your trip. When planning your trip, keep in mind that the best time for helicopter tours in Hawaii is sometimes in the off-season around spring and fall, early morning, and preferably early on in your trip itinerary so you can easily reschedule.

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