Discover Kohala: Who is King Kamehameha

Discover Kohala: Who is King Kamehameha

who is king kamehameha

The founding father and first ruler of the kingdom of Hawaii continues to live in legend throughout the islands and is an intriguing topic for tourists who travel to Hawaii each year. King Kamehameha I is renowned for having united the islands of Hawaii, and his death in 1819 marked a turning point in the history of the islands.

Are you visiting the Kohala Coast soon? Here’s some background on one of its best-known natives, King Kamehameha, an essential figure in Hawaiian lore.

Who is King Kamehameha?

The One and Only King

King Kamehameha is estimated to have been born around 1758 near the Eucalyptus Forests of the Kohala Coast Hawaii. During his life, he fought to unite the islands, which were torn in two after the death of King Kalaniopuu. His cousin Kiwala’o owned half of the territories and Kamehameha the other. After years of battle, Kamehameha was victorious and eventually held all the areas that comprise today’s Hawaiian Islands.

After his victory, King Kamehameha sought to install a set of laws that would govern the islands, and he did precisely that. By 1810 the cultures of the indigenous people of each island were much more closely knitted, and a centralized government in Oahu was beginning to form. When King Kamehameha passed away his legacy continued through his sons as the Kamehameha Dynasty which ruled Hawaii for most of the 19th century. As was the custom of the time King Kamehameha had many wives and children which ensured that his legacy would live on.

Laws and Unity

Perhaps some of King Kamehameha’s most significant achievements were his set of laws and his well-established trade deals with Europe and the United States which created wealth for the islands and helped to sow the seeds of Hawaii’s integration into the union. By giving Hawaii a place in the global stage, King Kamehameha did his service to his people, and this is why he is revered by many. Those who wish to know who King Kamehameha is need only look at his achievements to get an idea of the influence that he had on law and order of the islands.

Final Resting Place

In an ancient tradition in Hawaii called hūnākele a person is buried in secret to prevent their mana or power from being stolen. King Kamehameha’s final resting place was unknown even to his sons and to this day it has never been uncovered. Perhaps because a place to pay tribute is non-existent, the legend of the King  reigns across the landscapes of the Kohala Coast and lures travelers there year-round. Who is King Kamehameha? He is Hawaii.

See for Yourself

If you want to know who is King Kamehameha there is no better way to find out than by visiting the Kohala Coast and exploring the vast landscapes that still hold the mana of Hawaii’s first king. Helicopter tours in Kohala like those now offered by companies like Tropical Helicopters take you along the coastline, past green pastures, forests, waterfalls and much more. Experience for yourself the rich history of Hawaii and immerse yourself in the legend of on one of its best-known natives.

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